Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Busy Day this Wed.

WEll we waited around and cleaned up the house all morning waiting for leslie's bags to arrive from fed ex but they didn't arrive still. Poor thing is still beg borrowing and stealing clothes to wear. I feel bad because her glasses were in there and her contacts are driving her crazy after wearing them for 6 days now. booo. We then decided to take Emma to kid works again today so she could have some fun. She did she looked like she had laid in a pool of sweat when she came home. lol She had played outside most of the day i guess. Well she was only there for a total of 3 hours maybe but i guess that was enough. Leslie, Carissa, Lilly and myself went to pick out presents for Emma today. We got her some cool things that i think she is going to like bunches. We didn't want her to be with us so we went while she was at kidworks. the girl team went to bingo tonight. We never had our smores the other night so i think as long as it doesn't rain we will have a fire tomorrow night.

more tomorrow

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