Monday, September 22, 2014

Gosh it's been a while..

We are all doing really great here in Texas. I'm still working for a good hospital and learning lots. Allan is doing great at his job too! Lilly is in the first grade and has had her first two spelling tests and made 100 on both of them. Olivia is growing like a weed. Emma has came to visit us a few times since we have lived here and is about to come again in a couple weeks. Life is good. We found a church we like and I have been taking the kids even when Allan isn't home to go with. Our good friends the martins moved to Texas too and we have been visiting with them and their kids a lot. It's nice to have friends in town. They have also started going to the same church as us which is awesome because they have been Mormons their entire lives. They are now saved and on fire! The weather is starting to change here which I'm happy for. Our yard has went from brown and dry because of the drought to overly green after just two storms. Allan has been working on his old truck lately when he has been home and we have been contemplating some work on the house. Our house is just fine but it's just things we would like to do. Like adding and fixing the back patio up a bit. I've started to know people here. Sounds funny but that takes a while when you move. Now I go to the store and usually run into at least one person I know or work with. It's nice. Life is good. 

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