Friday, March 25, 2011

getting ready for company

allans parents are coming in tomorrow from wyoming. they should be here by evening time im guessing. so today we are trying to get homework done and finish up a few projects around the house. allan went to pick up miss emma in gila bend so me and lilly are outside enjoying some sunshine and planting a few more flowers in pots. its gorgeous outside. thats why this post has no capitals and probably a few spelling errors. im typing on my cell phone so i can stay outside and push lilly in here swing. we are going in in a few minutes for a nap and homework... yuck. its in the high 70s and has the best breeze today. i dont want to go in at all. tonight will be finishing laundry and hopefully watching a little wildcat basketball. go uk! i dont really think they are going to beat ohio but things can happen so who knows. anyway thats whats going on in our knick of the woods.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

the second thing that is growing like a weed around here..

lilly sleeping with dad.. yes this is why we never get any sleep. the munchkin is totally spoiled and keeps crawling in bed with us. Then we wake up to find random arms or legs in our faces. haha..
i thought this was cute when i rounded the corner today all i could see were her feet dangling above her step that she carries all over to climb up to things. So i got the camera and that lead to taking a bunch of pictures.

mirya she loved the shirt but refuses to wear the headband. I took these pictures of it before she ripped the thing off and told me she "no like it" .. she wont wear hats or headbands even though i think they are adorable. does katie have a mind of her own when it comes to her style too?

i thought the whole little outfit was too cute so i tried to sneak a couple of pictures.

things that are growing around here..

this is a star jasmine bush that has taken off this last few months. i can't wait till it blooms something wonderful.
my new imported bougevilla ( spelling?) it should turn into a huge bush soon.

my potted flowers lilly helps me plant and water.

this is my bird of paradise that is not doing so well because rocky keeps attacking it and tearing all the leaves off.. stupid dog!


my two new honeysuckles. i want them to drown that back fence .. someday..

my lovely hibiscus. i love this flower. makes me feel tropical. so i planted another one after i got this one but the second one isn't doing as well.

the second one.. i think it might of had too much water cause it's leaves have this yellow color going on now..?? any help?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

ahh the weather outside is so not freightful!!

it is absolutely gorgeous outside right now. i have been plugging things in out in my yard. so far i planted a hibiscus that is doing wonderful. its lipstick red and so pretty. it has like five gorgeous blooms on it right now. i also planted a bogivilla. which im sure i didnt spell that right at all but it is covered in pink already. i have a couple pots that i planted marigolds in that are doing ok and ive been pruning already. today i picked up a big bird of paradise and allan helped me dig a giant hole to plop that in out by the pool. i also pink up to small honeysuckle plants to start climbing out on the back fence. im hoping to cover that thing within a year or two.. haha. allan and i both really love honeysuckle. i saw something that im drooling over now. it was a pink jasmine climber. i smelled it before i even saw it and the smell it puts off is wonderfuls so im going to have to get the truck to load up one of thos the next time i go and get some trellis to start it off good. anyway other than planting and playing in the yard we havent been up to too much. tickin away at school work and playing with lilly. she is really enjoying watering everything in the yard. we are getting ready for emmas spring break and allans parents visit. we plan to bbq with some friends tomorrow night and then its back to work i go.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

back to the grind..

Today has been ridiculous. We are getting the truck worked on and a simple brake job has turned into them having our vehicle for 3 days now. come on! seriously .. Anyway today while i was getting more mad at the mechanics guess what happened. Someone leaned on my windshiled and it cracked so that started a whole new headache of calling it into insurance and having them come to the house this coming monday to fix that because it was bigger than a dollar size crack. boo!! Allan got called into work last night so he was asleep for the majority of the day but once he got up we went over behind mom's house and he chipped some golf balls around and lilly road her bikes thru the paths and we sat by the little pond over there for a few. I also bought lilly the BAMBI movie today. She has never seen it so that is her movie for tonight. I bet she is going to like it. I just got in from watering my new bushes in the back yard and i rented DUE DATE so i'm going to curl up on the couch and watch that after i take a hot bath and get ready for the coming days. I have to work four dayshifts in a row over the weekend. They should have never given me 7 days off in a row because let me tell you it's hard to want to go back.. lol especially on a weekend when it's hectic around there. boo. So anyway I"m going to getoff here and go do some snuggling with lilly cause i will miss her the next few days. Hope everyone is having a good week. ;-)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

a few pictures of the day.

We had a day outdoors today. Yesterday the girls jumped in the pool and had so much fun but today they took time to water teh plants and swing and play out there.

Rocky participated in the activities also. He hates their jumping toys and has vowed to eat the cow and donkey.

They watered my new hibiscus. (sp?)
With water from the pool.. it hasn't had it's chemicals added yet cause it just got refilled so i guess the plants are okay with the water. check our photosite for more pics.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Dear Sandy

happy late birthday Pictures, Images and Photos

Sorry we are so busy and forgot to send you a thing! We are glad you had a nice birthday and we will celebrate with you when you get down here in a few more weeks. The girls would lvoe to have a "birthday party" anyway so we will just tell them you waited for them. haha. Cant wait to see you guys!

Friday, March 4, 2011

busy birds.

I'm on my 6 days off! i'm so excited to be getting things done around here. We are picking up emma tonight and then having a girls day of shopping for needed items tomorrow with jenn. Should be fun. Lilly has already decided that she wants purple shoes. Isn't it funny how they get something stuck in their little heads. I think if i kept asking for purple shoes someone would decide that i needed help. ;-) So i'm interested to see what is on emma's list of items. HAHA.
Today we are goign to get tags for the car and an oil change. I'm also goign to go look for cushions for the back porch. The ones we have a horrible now. So beat up from just being in the arizona sun for three years i guess. Anyway I have been trying to figure these cushions out for awhile. I was going to have them redone by someone but the fabric alone is so expensive that i thought i should just look at new ones. I found some i liked at walmart but they didn't have enough of them or a long one for the chaise/lounge chair. So the hunt will continue today. I'm goign to check out the patio store and homedepot and lowes till i find something i like! I want something in red because the yard itself is so drab right now.. it needs color back there. if i can't do red i will do a bright blue i think. Anyway yesterday was spent getting a smog check and grocery shopping and playing with lilly. Anyway i'll try to post some pictures when i get the time to take some. see you all.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

6 days off coming up..

yes after wed i get y days off in a row. i cant wait. i have so much to catch up on. we have to take the car in to get smog checked and renew the tags. im glad we can do two years at a time cause getting tags is on my top ten hated things to do list. haha. i also need to take allans truck in but we are waiting till we have a day off together cause it will probably be thwew the whole day and nobody wants to sit and wait there. friday night we are going to get emma from her momma. lilly is excited as usual. she loves when people come see her. on saturday we are going to meet back up with jenn and try to have a little girls outing. i want to get both girls stocked up on some new outfits and sock and underroos all that jazz. we plan on going to once upon a child. sometimes i can find things there and sometimes i cant but they opened one closer to our house so i figure we can check it out first to see if we can find any deals. my mom is still hunting for some treasures for her and aaarons place so she might come to because there is a goodwill next door with a household section so she is gonna see what treasures she can find there. we have plans of maybe having lunch at texas roadhouse that day. yummos! then i imagine im gonna have to do some homework. i only took one class this time and so far that seemsto be a good decision. i really like my new job and it is interesting and im learning tons. they really like me too. they have hired some other people but i was the only new grad they hired and apparently they werent beating that i would stay or be any good.. well so far im the only one that hasnt gotten totally overwhelmed or quit or been completely lost. in fact im doing quite well and the boss has told me a few times that she is so plesantly suprised that she was wrong. so im about to go into work and see whats in store for today. ill write more on my days off coming up..