Sunday, May 31, 2009

pics to go with last post...

Here are the pics of lilly on her slida and other ones from this weekend.

These next ones are of the barbque we went to and of buddah. I caught him laying in lilly's pool and we wondered how it got popped... hmmmm..

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Yardsaling this am

Today i got up and snuck out without lilly or allan. It was fun. My friend holly met up with me and we hit up all the garages around town. I don't buy alot of junky stuff though. I can spend like 10 bucks the whole day whereas i have another friend who buys something at every stop.. lol. Anyway the big prize of the day was lilly's little playschool slide. It had sorta seen better days but it was a couple dollars so i got it. Allan taught her how to go up the steps and sit downa nd then slide. She loved it. She slid down it i think 27 times while i was out there. Everytime she would clap and hollar for herself. lol.

Anyway we were busy most of the day doing work around here and allan helped the neighbor lady try to get in a new screen door but i think she bought the wrong one so she had to take it back after they tried everything they could. Tomorrow we have to get ready for the week. Lots of laundry to do and some more chores around here. I think we are suppose to be having lunch with some friends. I haven't heard definetly yet but i will find out tonight. Then I am going to hit up the bingo hall again with my friend for sunday night bingo! lol.

This week is busy too. I have to take a cpr class at the hospital on monday, tuesday our truck is getting worked on and i have a doc apt., i'm not even sure what is on wed or thrusday i haven't been able to look that far ahead yet. HAHa. I know i gotta get some of the clothes i bought for emma washed and ready to wear because she will be here next thursday. YEAH!! Plus her bedding needs to be washed. No one ever sleeps in there but it should be put thru the washer anyway cause lilly climbs on it from time to time.

Anyway We are off to the fights tonight. Mom is watching lilly tonight so we are going to the fights at the fairgrounds. We know a guy that if he wins he gets to be a pro fighter if not i guess he doesn't go pro so we are going to see him i guess. Anyway i gotta go get ready. HOpe everyone has a good rest of the weekend and a nice week too!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

It doesn't slow down around here..

Today i was determined to make all the appointments i needed to make. So i started calling at 8 am. I don't think i had made all of them till about 3pm. lol. I wanted to schedule spa days for me and my mom because my sweet husband bought both of us gift certificates for mothers day. They are still good till august but i think it would be harder to do when emma gets here so i wanted to go do that soon. WE both got in on friday one right after the other so the other one can watch lilly.
I also had to make my girly appointment for my annual exam.. yucko. probably too much info too but every girl has to do it so whatever.. lol. I got in with them right away too. (i'm sure you can tell i'm excited about that. lol i wish once they would just say" oh you don't need to come in we know your fine.. " not going to happen huh.
I also had to find out when allan scheduled our truck to go in to a balance and alignment job. It's a little shaky at higher speeds so we thought we would take it in and get that fixed so it doesn't wear down our tires unevenly. Those stupid tires are 200 a piece i think so we really don't want to have to replace those if we can help it.
I also had to call the passport people and find out what we needed to do to get our passports. We found out. It costs a 100 bucks a piece and you have to bring id's and brith certificates and photos with you. So we will have to go do that soon. We also have to go down to the court house to put the house in both of our names. We originally just had it in allan's but some things have changed so we are going to put it in both of our names. So we have to get that done soon too.
oh and allan just informed me that he took pictures of his wine rack and wants me to post them soo.. here they are

Monday, May 25, 2009

What a fun and busy weekend.

We ended up doing so much stuff this weekend. WE had a little yardsale at the neighbors, the boys worked in the yard and in the basement. They got so much done. I was really suprised. Allan almost finished his wine cellar that he wanted. It looks good. He put in a pull string light and a thermometer that also tells you the humidity. He made is own wine racks which turned out nice too. I think he can store about 40 bottles in there reasonably. So it's not huge but it's nice.
We also went and barbqued with muffy and jason. They have Jordan that is about 4 months older than lilly. Those two girls had so much fun. Lilly got shoved twice and Jordan got spanked for being a bully but they were really fun to watch. I think we may end up planning a weekend trip to vegas in sept with about 4 other couples we know. We looked at tickets and hotel and it really didn't look to bad. I would love to go see some shows. I think they are going to see cher which really isn't the show i had in mind but it's Vegas so i'm sure i can find something to watch. LOl. Anyway that night we watched the UFC fight with them and had a lot of fun just our two families.
The next day the invited us back over for another barbque with more people and a poker game. It was fun too. I lost miserably at poker but allan split a game so we ended up not really losing anything and played for fun most of the night. I think we came home at midnight. Lilly stayed with her grandma that night. She was funny casue she came with us to the barbque but i ran her home after we were done eating. She saw her LALA or "YAYA" as she says.. and started squealing so loud. She ran up and hugged her like she hadn't seen her in a year. It was funny. She has been really sweet with all her kisses and she comes and hugs everyones knees just randomly. She is in this stage where she runs everywhere. I mean her little legs just go go go. It's cute to watch . I find myself giggling at her alot. I love watching her with other kids. She doesn't seem to notice when she gets bullied. She doesn't even cry she just looks at me like.. "what's wrong with this kid mom?" She will stand up for herself. I saw her more than twice tugging at a toy jordan was trying to pull away from her. She didn't hit her or push her but she wasn't just going to give in and let her have the toy either. I was proud actually. No violence yet just determination not to lose. haha.
Today we worked around the hosue most of the day. We went out for breakfast and then again for dinner. I was going to cook something but after working around the house, watching lilly, and doing som major grocery shopping i was worn out. So the whole family went out to eat at Outback. It was really yummy too. I just love there salads. I think it's the cucumbers they put in there. I love the way they chop them and put them in the salad. I had a steak and it was good too. Thereare pictures of our weekend on the photosite. Hope everyone had just as good a weekend that we had and have a great week!

Look who got a potty chair!!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Saturday, May 23, 2009

So it continues..

Yep second dyson i got was the dyson 14. It isn't a ball one just a regular one with enough suction to get up anything really. However, as i was trying it out it kept yelling at me. I mean it sounded like i sucked up something over and over. I would check the brushes to see if anything was in there even though i dind't see how i could of sucked something up. Well allan came home and i made him vaccuum to see if it did it. Well it didn't but as soon as i took a turn it started again and he heard it so he looked it over and basically said this one wasn't built right. What are the chances??? So my plan today is to take it back to target at some point. I may be giving up on the dysons. There is the bigger ball one that i might try but if something is wrong with it.. well three strikes your out dyson!

I hauled a bunch of lilly's old stuff down to our neighbors house who was having a yard sale. aaron brought some things and so did mom i think we made 100 bucks all together. Not bad for not even planning on doing that. lol.


I took lilly to walmart with me and i have to say she looked really cute. She had on her new shiny sandals and capri pants and her little hair was in a pony tail. She was so funny cause she didn't want to stay in the basket. She likes to walk around the store now. She doesn't however like to hold your hand while doing it. She thinks she is big. Well everyone and i do mean everyone was watching her wherever she went and half of them would make some comment about how cute she was. WEll i looked over and this walmart working was blowing kisses at her. Which is fine but a little odd. I had never seen someone blow kisses at my child that wasn't directly related to her and usually lilly is very shy and will run over and hide behind my legs or something. Not today.. apparently lilly started it. She had been blowing kisses at this lady. I was so suprised. My shy little girl was breaking out of her box. She proceeded to wave hello at a little boy in a cart and then blow him kisses and tried to talk to him. Anyway its amazing how much she is growing and maturing over the last few weeks. I can't wait to see how much she changes while emma is here. That will be interesting.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Not that impressed..

So unfortunatly i googled reviews for the dyson before i went to buy one yesterday. It was an impulse buy for me but allan has known for months that he has wanted one. So i saw they had great reviews and off to the store i went. I assumed that i would just pick one out when i got there. Well i did. I went with a smaller one because i thought it would be better for hauling back and forth from upstairs to downstairs. So i took my new expensive vaccuum home and unpacked it. Allan came in from work right when i was going to try it out. Well he watched me vaccuum and we had a cheap bagless vaccuum before. I have to say that my cheap vaccuum picked up more. Allan thought i was just not happy with having to buy the one he liked i think. So i decided to read the individual reviews on each specific vaccuum. Come to find out the one i picked apparently is the only dyson that stinks. lol.. go firgure. It has half the suction because it is smaller but dyson is known for it's suction. It cost the same as it's big brother so guess what i'm doing today? Off to the store again to trade it in. Glad i kept the reciept. I had a feeling i might need it.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

If its not one thing it's another.. lol

Today i woke up in a semi good mood.. (it was early) and then everything went to poop. lol. I did the dishes from last night that i never got to and then when i was letting the water drain out well everything started coming back up on the other side of the sink. Not to be discouraged i ran the disposal to see if that would help. Oh buddy did it. The water that stunk awfully and was filled with all kinds of germy nasty old wet food started coming up into the bathroom sink. Perfect. I thought oh no what do i do. So i got the plunger! no help when i noticed the water was finally going down I was so relieved. I decided to give it a fw minutes and call allan and tell him. Well while i was talking to him i heard something start dripping. Yes all the water had drained from all the sinks and was in the dishwasher and it was dripping out to the floor. can you believe this? So allan told me no plumber that he would come home and fix it at lunch to leave it alone. Okay.. so i decided i would stay out of the kitchen and i would just go vaccuum the living room. Well i was doing the rug and sure enough the stupid machine starts smoking! i was on my way to crying a river or punching the wall when i talked to allan. I think he felt so bad for me that he decided to go ahead and call the plumber ( drain cleaner) and then he told me to go buy a new vaccuum. So allan really wants me to stop buying the cheap vaccuums that last about a year if that and he wants me to get a dyson. Does anyone know anything about them? Anyone have one? They are i think at cheapest 400.00 bucks. I can't justify this because i have hardwood so i only need the thing for 3 rugs but allan says we are going to put carpet downstairs so we will need it down there. What's the verdict? are they worth the money?

Monday, May 18, 2009

well.. an update.. short one!

It was 80 something today so i went down and bought a baby pool for lilly. she had a good time splashing around outside. Allan got to have the day off so he went and golfed this morning. Only 9 holes but still fun. We did alot more yard work and i bought a hammock for the back yard. I have wanted one for a long time so we got one. It has it's own stand. It is really comfy with a pad on there. Tonight mom made homemade enchiladas. We are about to find out if they are any good or not. It's our first time making them. lol. I have made the chicken inside of them for numerouse different things. I put bone less skinless breast in the crock pot with 1/2 a cup of water and some fajita seasoning. It shreds really nice after so many hours and makes great meat for whatever you want to put it in. We have had it on tosadas and on nachos but first time to put it in enchiladas.

Anyway that's all that's going on around here.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

I'm loving this weather finally!

Today is in the 70's and tomorrow is suppose to be 81 and monday is suppose to be 87! can you even believe it? Okay i know many of you that read this are in parts of the country where it has been that hot for a long time but remember i'm in wyoming home of the blizzard capital of the world. Okay not really but it feels like that after a million months of winter. I'm wearing shorts and a t shirt today! It's awesome. We are having friends over tonight for a barbque,fire,and maybe some beer pong to remind us of college days. lol. Oh yeah i'm in college still. Anyway we are going to celebrate being done with classes. Alot of the girls that went to get their LPN didn't get back till last night and allan wasn't home till last night from houston. So we are celebrating being done with our first year tonight! I'll post pictures of the fun tomorrow or sometime. I think allan is going to try to go golf tomorrow or something. His back has been hurting him since he got back from texas though. I think it was too much sitting in the class room and on the planes. A little relaxing is probably just what he needs.
Anyway i gotta run to the store to get stuff for the hamburgers. Oh here are some pictures of the cabinets. The are finally done except for one whole that allan has to fix. The wire to my light goes up above the cabinets and it is exposed right now so that has to get fixed soon but for the most part they are done!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Summer has started at our house!

schools out Pictures, Images and Photos

i passed! I figured out my grade again in pharm too and much to my suprise i got an A in there not a b. I have a 92% for that class and for process i got a B. There was only 1 A in the whole class and only 10 B's so i'm proud! lol. We also had 23 c's and 6 people that failed the class and don't get to go on. I'm sad because there are some really awesome people that aren't going to be graduating with us in the end. However i know a couple of them are reapplying for next year so hopefully they will get in and do better their second time around. We started the class with 64 students. We were down to 48 before the final and i think we are down to 42 now. however we have lost more than 22 because we gained about 3 or 4 LPN's in their place. so outta the first 64 i think we are down to 38ish maybe? the last class graduated with 33 total students. I think we may be on track to do the same thing. However for now i'm so excited! Bring on summer!!


I'm so nervous. I just took my last final. I know that i passed my pharmocology class. I made an 88% in that one and did fine on my final but this one today is nerveracking! I've been checking our website every 5 minutes to see if the grades are posted. So far they aren't but you can see who is online and the teacher is online so i'm assuming she is working on them right now. She sometimes throws out questions. i'm sure that is what is taking so long. I'm just sooo Ready to start my summer break and i won't feel free until i find out what this last grade is. Yikes. So pray i don't have a nervous breakdown today. lol
i'll post when i know more!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

mothers day Pictures, Images and Photos

well it's day 108978327482 of studying for finals.

I'll be so glad when i have somethin other to write about besides finals coming up. We have been studying like every night and i'm seriously wondering about how much my brain can actually retain. I mean i can't absorb so much info.. lol. I'm sick of tlaking about gastro, and muscoskeletal, and respiratory, and blahbblabhlajb. lol. Allan leaves tomorrow for houston for 5 days. I'm hoping he has a good trip and ocmes back to a wife that has it more pulled together and one who is on summer break. Everyone else is doing good around here too. Lilly is her usual playful self. We went garage sale shopping this morning and she got lots of little toys to play with. She is very happy with her new tent that folds up. she likes crawling in and out of it a million times.

Friday, May 8, 2009

and i did horrible!!!

1 day before final exam Pictures, Images and PhotosOkay i don't get it. I have never failed a test. Never!!! well until this morning. you have to have a 75% to pass a test in nursing and i made a 72 which means i failed it this morning. The part i don't get is the tests that i half study for i have always made in the b's and even a couple a's. I studied for this test way more than all the others.. so what happened? did i over study? can you over study? I'm still passing the class but i have to do well on the final now. So we are all getting together and studying some more tonight for our finals. i'll be so glad when this is all done and over! In my defense alot of people said this was the hardest test. i agreed!the rest of my study group got 3 78's and a 62. so could of been worse i guess but i could of been at an 78 with the rest of them. lol. Oh well i'm going to keep moving forward. pray for me this weekend for my finals on monday and tuesday. I may end up needing the prayers.!!
have a great weekend!

This cartoon expresses how i'm feeling. lol

A night berfore the final exam Pictures, Images and Photos4 days before final exam Pictures, Images and Photos
THis little guy could be me totally. I feel like if i have to study for one more thing i might freak out. or like i'm in a daze of big medical words just spinning and spinning. Today is our last test for one class but we still have afinal for that class on tuesday and a pharmacology final on monday. So say a little prayer for me this morning. The better i do on this test the less stressed i'll have to be on the final. Hope everyone is having a good friday! 2 more class days and i'll be on summer break. It didn't feel like it would ever get here. If the weather would catch up we would be doing good!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

happy birthday andy!

Happy Birthday!!! Pictures, Images and Photos

Just wanted to wish my little brother andy a happy birthday.. let's see your turning how old? i think 25 if my calculations are correct. lol. happy b-day little brother! We all love you and hope you have a great one today. We sent you something but like always it will be a couple days late probably. At best you will get it the day after your birthday!

Us nursing students on our last clinical day

today was my last clinical day till this fall semester when i enter my last year and learn IV stuff. I'm really excited. I still have my finals on monday and tuesday oh and another test on this friday but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I just have no idea where i'm finding time to do much of anything else.. oh that's right i should be studying. I plan on studying like a mad woman this week and weekend. I guess i'm not feeling so stressed because i figured out my grades and i really need to only get like 30 to 40 questions right on the final. Even on my worst day i have never made below a 78 on a test. So I'm feeling pretty confident. Not that i won't be studying though. lol.
My husband paid me a compliment yesterday. He said" wow honey you sound smart!" lol I thought that was cute. I had no idea i sounded smart. I really don't feel like i have learned that much but i guess i can carry on a conversation about medical stuff now from a beginners level anyway.
Anyway lilly just woke up from a nap so i gotta run

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Hope you feel better soon Liz!

get well soon Pictures, Images and Photos

Please keep allan's sister in your prayers. She has C diff. It can be a really nasty thing and hard to get over so let's please pray for a speedy recovery with no set backs. Thanks!